How Many Puffs Of CBD Oil?

June 22, 2018 | Dosages | By William | 0 Comments

If you were wondering how many puffs of CBD oil you need to smoke to have a positive effect, this really depends on the concentration of hemp CBD oil you are smoking. There are three main ways to smoke cannabis CBD oil; as an e-liquid for vapes, as crystals to smoke in a pipe or roll into joints or as dabs to smoke with a high-temperature rig.

Depending on the method of smoking from 3 to 5 puffs are enough to deliver a large amount of pure CBD into the bloodstream through the lungs, similar to smoking actual marijuana, smoking CBD oil will give a relaxing and mellowing effect, while at the same time assuring a faster delivery of Cannabidiol into the bloodstream thus accelerating the effects.

Alternative Ways To Consume CBD Oil

Usually, hemp CBD oil is ingested orally or sublingual in order to have a systemic effect and avoid the connotation of actually smoking, but thanks to the availability of 99.8% pure CBD crystals and the creation of e-liquids for vaping, weed CBD oil can also be effectively smoked without the presence of THC in most cases.

It is very difficult to establish a number of puffs that would lead to the effects of CBD oil on the user since there are very many variables to be taken into consideration such as if the person smoking also consumed cannabis as this may accelerate the effects.